NISHE design and deliver occupational health and safety, environmental management training throughout the world. Over our 5year history, over a thousand students and hundreds of businesses have chosen NISHE as their preferred training provider. NISHE’s expert trainers and friendly support teams inspire total confidence in the individuals and companies they train

Why Should you join us ?


Our Education is totally based on Collaborative Industry Based (CIB )education. It is most contemporary and a noble concept to integrate the components of industry with education. CIB education is not a formality of giving industry exposure to students; rather it is a full-fledged industrial experience offered to the students with studies. CIB education enables students to obtain the basic and all functional knowledge of the industry in which they wish to work.


The curriculum of the CIB education programmes are most contemporary and innovatively designed and developed in association with reputed academicians and experts.


Training is all about quality and this starts with our trainers. It has taken many years to build NISHE’s team of expert trainers and we are proud that we have one of the best international team of HSE trainers there is. This team is integral to everything we do; developing and updating our course content, delivering and assessing our courses, supporting our students, consulting and always making sure we are firmly focused on our customers’ needs.The team is a highly effective mix of academics, practitioners and consultants with a wide range of experience across all sectors. The team is led by NISHE Chairman and HSE practitioner in his own right


The theory training classes are an important input that will help the students gain in-depth understanding of the topics and will also help them to prepare well for their examinations. Excellent study inputs are provided to the students through comprehensive courseware including quality textbooks and workbooks. Further it supplements the students’ efforts through self study. The theory training classes constitute an important stage in the learning methodology by enabling the student to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. The theory training classes provide a platform to the student for better understanding of the concepts and to clarify any of their doubts in the respective subjects and therefore prepare well for their examinations 


All the courseware supplied by the university and NISHE are being designed to cater to the needs education in an industrial environment. The courseware consists of comprehensive study package especially designed for self-learning. The courseware is revised frequently so as to keep the students up to date. For selected programmes, the enrolled students will be receiving the first set of the courseware from NISHE. The courseware for subsequent groups will be dispatched based on their academic progression and their success in their internal examinations.


Students are required to go to an industry of repute for compulsory Exposure / internship/ research work module as designated by concerned NISHE. They will perform all duties at designated industry similar to working as a professional. The training/ internship/ research work are arranged in real industry environment.


Training and Placement Cell in the NISHE plays a pivotal role and is becoming a key department of the institute. As the competition for employment is increasing every day and the job of placement is becoming a challenging one, a full-fledged placement cell is functioning in our institution with a full time placement officer. Our Training and Placement Office is performing the following activities: –

Arranging Industrial Exposure for students.
• Inviting various organizations for campus recruitment.
• Training to suit various needs of industry.


Providing a good service is really important to NISHE. There is no point in having great trainers without excellent customer service.Whether you are enquiring about a course, registering for your exam or visiting any one of our training centres, you can be sure you will receive the best customer service.


NISHE’s reputation has been built on quality and over our 85 year history, many hundreds of thousands of happy customers have enjoyed success in their qualifications and careers through studying with NISHE.We work closely with the awarding and industry bodies to ensure our courses are fully up-to-date and aligned with the latest syllabus revisions, legislation changes and exam procedures.Our ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement. 



GREAT RESULTS NISHE have an exceptional track record. The clear, engaging and interactive courses we deliver guarantee our students receive the best possible training and ensure they get a full understanding of the subject matter and how the assessment works. This not only leads to exam success but also develops the understanding and competency they will need to apply their knowledge in the workplace.


All the course and programmes are available at unbeatable price