NISHE is dedicated to providing environmental, occupational health & safety professional’s greater access to career advancement opportunities in HSE field.

For today’s generation, industrial safety presents itself as an opportunity where there is a very heavy demand in industries both in India & Abroad, where job opportunities are tremendous. To cater the fast growing demand from various quarters there is only very limited institutes. To deliver safety Engineering the institute NISHE has taken the enterprising step to reach out to the youth, offering them a career opportunity which if grasped has the potential to change their life for the better future perspective.

NISHE is a platform where you can have the exposure of presenting yourself in a splendid manner and achieve the dream of becoming valuable professional. Job prospects are widely open in this field not only in India but in huge vacancies are available in abroad, where you can be employed as fire engineer officer/fireman/safety officer/manager/safety assistant/environment engineer etc.

With qualified and experienced trainers and consultants, we provide exemplary service at par with some of the best in the industry, locally and abroad. We also provide Job Placement Assistance to candidates who have successfully completed our training programmes and courses for lucrative and rewarding career.

Upload your resume, we have large no of clients in India and abroad to provide you the best opportunities in the field of safety/health/environment.


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