Training and Placement Cell

Training and Placement Cell in the NISHE plays a pivotal role and is becoming a key department of the institute. As the competition for employment is increasing every day and the job of placement is becoming a challenging one, a full fledged placement cell is functioning in our institution with a full time placement officer. Our Training and Placement Office is performing the following activities:-

•   Arranging Industrial Exposure for students.
•   Inviting various organizations for campus recruitment.
•   Training to suit various needs of industry.

The Training & Placement Cell provides all audio visual facilities for PowerPoint Presentations, written test, group discussion and interviews. It plays a very important and key role in counseling and guiding the students of the institute for their successful career Placement which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their entry into the suitable employment. This cell also coordinates various activities related to the career of the students along with the industrial training. The computerization of the entire activities of the placement Cell is in progress and this facility will be available to the organizations soon for easy and faster communication.

Training and Placement Activities organizes programs mock interviews, group discussions, case studies, etc. It also organizes the program like:
“Personality development”
“Interpersonal & communication skills“
“Career planning” and “career mapping“
Program on “HSE“


General Overview of Training & Placement Cell

The Training & placement Cell is committed to provide all possible assistance to its students in their efforts to find employment. The benefit of this assistance are reflected in the preparation of students who are able to secure lucrative and esteemed positions in recent years. The Training & Placement service operates year round to facilitate contacts between companies and graduates. Staffs are available to respond to student’s question and concern of all kinds. This may include advice on placement procedures help with preparation of applications and resumes and practice for interviews. The aim is to ensure that students have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search. Those considering careers in education or in related fields are offered detailed career guidance at the Training & Placement Cell. All advice is based on up-to-date placement statistics and an envisioned view of future and educational and industrial trends. Every efforts is undertaken to create opportunities for our students to get placements. We hope to reach maximum placements level in the years to come. Placement Activities.

•  Separate cell has been established
•  Guide students to approach companies.
•  Feedback from employers of past batches.
•  Organizes training sessions on soft skill development.
•  Up-to-date Safety News , Articles & Vacancies on the site
•  A wide social Network of Safety Professional and Individuals
•  Corporate recruitment data update
•  Survey on recruiters’ expectations from students.
•  Alumni networking.
•  A dynamic web portal for employee and Employer
•  Video Tube- Training, information etc.


Industrial Exposure

Each student has to undertake Industrial Exposure in companies of repute for duration of one month, as part of course curriculum. Students are required to work on a project given to them either by the sponsoring organization or selected by students themselves. The project report/thesis is an intensive learning exercise for students to apply particular theoretical concepts into practical situations as experienced in the industrial establishments. Final placement of students is a strategic activity for NISHE and all the processes are aligned for the same. Keeping in mind the existing and expected job opportunities, we plan to provide placement services to our participants. For effective placements, we establish close ties with the companies, which are in the process of providing jobs to our students.