A qualification that is establishing itself as perfect introduction to health and safety in the workplace.

The NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work is an introductory qualification designed to improve the health and safety culture of organisations by equipping the workforce and others to be able to identify and deal with hazards at work, helping them to reduce accidents/incidents and achieve costs saving.

The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award is based on international standards and is aimed at anyone who needs to understand the principles of health and safety as part of their job. No previous health and safety knowledge is required, therefore the Award is suitable for all individuals that wish to have a basic knowledge of health and safety.


The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award covers the principles of health and safety, the identification and management of related risk and the practical application of this knowledge.   This is reflected in the two units that comprise the qualification.

Unit HSW1  Workplace safety foundations

  • The foundations of health and safety
  • The responsibility for health and safety
  • Health and safety risk assessment and control
  • Hazards and controls associated with work equipment
  • Transport safety
  • Hazards and controls associated with electricity
  • Fire safety
  • Hazards and controls associated with manual handling and repetitive movement
  • Hazards and controls associated with hazardous substances
  • Hazards and controls associated with the working environment

Unit HSW2 Workplace risk assessment

  • A workplace-based risk assessment activity that covers the application of understanding related to the HSW1 unit.

Course Material

Delegates will receive a copy of the course book designed by NEBOSH which matches the syllabus and is written in simple English.  Each chapter is supported by sample questions and activities.

To support delivery of the course a handout is provided for additional notes and directed study exercises.


The qualification is divided into two assessed units, each of which is assessed separately.  Assessment is by one multiple choice examination (Unit HSW1) and a work-based risk assessment (Unit HSW2), which tests the ability to apply the knowledge gained during the course to workplace situations.   A qualification parchment will be awarded on successful completion of both assessments.

Examinations take place at the end of the course and the risk assessment is completed shortly afterwards.  Examinations for in-house courses can be arranged with NEBOSH on demand, for a date to suit the learning programme.

Class room based tought course

Classroom courses provide an opportunity to discuss the topics with other students and the tutor and would suit those that enjoy interaction in a classroom environment.  In particular, it has a number of features that may be helpful to those students who have not done formal study and assessments for some time.

The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award is provided as a three day classroom course.

Examination: July-October-Jan-April

 Exam Locations: Online/New Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Hyderabad

International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety provides a broad understanding of the general health and safety issues that affect all types of organisation and enables risks to be managed effectively.  As well as covering a range of workplace hazards and methods of control, it includes reference to international standards relating to the management of health and safety at work.

No previous health and safety knowledge is required and it is an excellent course for Managers, supervisors and worker representatives

Those wishing to start a career in health and safety

Many larger organisations choose the NEBOSH International General Certificate as an important part of their management development programme. Smaller organisations, operating in lower risk environments, often choose the NEBOSH International General Certificate as the appropriate qualification for the appointed person taking the lead on health and safety issues in their organisation.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate provides a valuable overview and is a sound basis for further professional study, such as the NEBOSH International Diploma, Construction Certificate and Fire Certificate.  It also meets the academic requirements for Technician membership (Tech IOSH) of the Institution of Occupational Safety andHealth (IOSH – and Associate membership (AIIRSM) of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Managements (IIRSM – You can study by attending a classroom course, involving face-to-face teaching in one of our excellent national and international venues, we can provide similar courses at your premises through our in-house services covering the national and international locations.  You can also study with one of our e-learning or blended learningprogrammes.  We have a method of study that suits your preferred study style, availability and commitments.


The NEBOSH International General Certificate covers the main international requirements for health and safety, identification and control of workplace hazards, and the practical application of this knowledge.   This is reflected in the three units that comprise the qualification.

Unit IGC1 Management of international health and safety

  1. Foundations in health and safety
  2. Health and safety management – policy
  3. Health and safety management –organizing
  4. Health and safety management – planning
  5. Health and safety management – measuring, audit and review.

Unit IGC2 Controlling of international workplace risks

  1. Workplace hazards and risk control
  2. Transport hazards and risk control
  3. Musculoskeletal hazards and risk control
  4. Work equipment hazards and risk control
  5. Electrical safety
  6. Fire safety
  7. Chemical and biological hazards and risk control
  8. Physical and psychological health hazards and risk control.

Unit IGC3 Health and safety practical application

A workplace-based practical assignment that covers the application of understanding related to units IGC1 and IGC2.


The examination comprises two 2-hour written papers and a practical assessment. Each written paper consists of one ‘long-answer’ question and ten ‘short-answer’ questions. All questions are compulsory. The practical assessment consists of carrying out a risk assessment of a workplace and preparing a short report.

Further information:

Start date : Anytime

Class Room Training/eLearning

Examinations :February/March / June / September / December

Exam Locations:Exam Locations: Online/New Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Hyderabad

Membership: TechIOSH, AIIRSM*

NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety

Course Overview

The NEBOSH International Diploma is designed for individuals who want to progress their career in health & safety & develop the international knowledge & skills in order to become an international health & safety practitioner.

All occupational health and safety practitioners (OHASPs) need to have a common core of knowledge in order to practice effectively. This common core of knowledge must be transferable between the different occupational sectors in which OHASPs may work, ranging across all parts of industry, commerce and the public sector. The NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety provides the knowledge and understanding that underpins competent performance as an OHASP.

There are no prerequisite entry requirements, though students will find it helpful to have completed the International General Certificate first. Students should also be aware that this is a demanding qualification – approximately equivalent to 3rd year degree level – and therefore may find is very difficult if they do not have this background knowledge and/or the ability and application to study at this level.


Unit A:  Managing health and safety

Unit B:  Hazardous agents in the workplace

Unit C:  Workplace and work equipment

Unit D:  Application of health and safety theory and practice (Assignment)

Examination & Assignment details

The examinations are held twice each year, January and July, and comprises of one 3-hour written paper for each of the core units (A, B & C) (three 3-hour examinations in total) and complete a workplace based assignments for unit D. Only students who have enrolled with NEBOSH through an accredited centre are eligible to register for the examination

Further information:

Start date:Anytime

Study mode: eLearning

Examinations dates: January / July

Exam Locations: Exam Locations: Online/New Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Hyderabad

Membership: GradIOSH / CMIOSH / MIIRSM*

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