Do you know everything about Air Contaminants and Dust? Air Contaminants and Dust Quiz
In construction work and grain factories where air contaminants and dust can be readily present, specific steps must be taken and maintained to ensure that hazards, seen and unseen, don’t begin to accumulate.

NISHE Quiz makes it easy to stay informed about air contaminants and dust hazards with our fun and free quiz.

Take this quiz to see what you already know about air contaminants and dust. This quiz was prepared with safety in mind, and what to know to prevent dust and maintain good air quality.

Put your knowledge to test with these quick, fun quiz questions – the more you know about the hazards you work around, the safer you will be around them.


  • When using a vacuum dust collection system, what should not be part of its maintenance?

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  • What are two methods to control dust from handheld grinders for tasks other than mortar?

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  • Which one of these is NOT a component of fire triangle?

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  • What does ppm mean?

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  • Hot work includes:

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  • What does PEL stand for?

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  • For a controlled negative pressure (CNR) REDON quantitative fit testing protocol what is the proper order of sequence for exercises?

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  • Employees who could be exposed to a combustible dust explosion should be in ___________ clothing.

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  • Respirators prevent inhalation of:

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  • Respirators prevent inhalation of:

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  • Which of these metals can NOT explode in dust form?

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  • Which NIOSH-approved respirator filters 95% of airborne particles and is not resistant to oil?

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13. True or False.

 Dust-filter respirators may be used for continuous protection while silica sand is used as the blasting abrasive.

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  • Combustible dust explosions will occur if one of the five elements is missing from the “Dust Explosion Pentagon.”

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  • Oxygen, heat, fuel, dispersion, and confinement make up the “Dust Explosion Pentagon.

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16. Within a designated smoking area which would be a suitable control measure to minimise the risk of fire?

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17. Which is a fire hazard?

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18. The first stage of a fire risk assessment is to


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19. Which is a hazar

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20. Which is correct

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