Having vast experience, we are providing services in accordance with NBC (National Building Code), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) and State Service Rules, as and where applicable. We strive to be a major contributor and leader in Fire Safety and Disaster Management including environmental technology and solutions that allow our clients to be competitive globally in the changing world through adoption of competitive and state of the art solutions in Fire Safety and Disaster Management:

  • Optimised engineering solutions to our clients in our areas of operation.
  • Highest standard of client satisfaction in terms of quality, cost and schedule
  • Creation of a world level modern work culture
  • Objectives:
    • Identify all significant fire hazards.
    • Identify the people who are at risk from each hazards.
    • Evaluate the existing control measures.
    • Determine the additional control measures required.
    • Examine the availability of suitable emergency plan detailing responsibility and action of key personnel.
    • Review the availability of suitable fire alarm and detection system.
    • Review the availability of suitable fire fighting facilities, such as hydrants, sprinklers, extinguishers, etc.
    • Evaluate passive fire protection systems provided.
    • Evaluate the general awareness of occupants and security personnel on matters relating to fire safety and rescue operations.
    • Evaluate the training and instructions on fire safety imparted to the employees and occupants.
    • Testing of all fire safety equipment and systems.
    • Conducting of Mock Drills
    Risk Analysis, Audits and Training                                                                                                           

    We offer our clients with Safety Audit services at reasonable rates. These are being offered as per the requirements of Factories Act. Our highly qualified professionals are being trained to ensure efficiency and immaculate accuracy. Our services are widely appreciated for their time-execution and reliability. Subjecting to each area of company‚Äôs activity,

    we offer safety audit services that refer to a systematic critical examination and possess an objective of minimizing loss caused by any accident or unsafe event. It includes inspection of:
    • Management policy
    • Attitude of training
    • Features of the process
    • Designing
    • Layout and construction of the plant
    • Operating procedures
    • Emergency plans
    • Personal protection standards
METHODOLOGY REPORTING &RECOMMENDATIONS : At the end of field study, a Fire Safety Audit report will be provided on the findings of the study and recommendations for next course of action. The recommendations suggested for risk improvement would be categorized as Category A, B and C. The criterion for categorization is presented as follows