ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Training

Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Lead Auditor Training Course focus on the fundamental auditing principles and practices, in conformance with national and international accepted norms and regulations relating to OH&S requirements
Who should attend?
Health & Safety Managers
Health & Safety professionals interested in conducting first-party, second-party, and/or third-party audits
Management Representatives
Why Are Customers Taking the Course?
Employer Requirement
Client/Authority Requirement
Audit the processes and management system effectively
To make a process audit and a procedure or a clause audit
Prepare and plan audits in a risk-based manner and effectively
Behave as a successful auditor
Select the audit team and evaluate their performances
Effectively get prepared for an audit
Effectively audit the processes assigned
Evaluate the findings and the conformities, nonconformities and improvement points effectively
Run opening and closing meetings and report the audits and non-conformities
Effectively follow up the audit findings
Explain the accreditation and certification
Add new certificate to your career
Course Credit
05 days
Course Outline
Audit Planning
Check List PreparationTerms and Terminology Used in ISO 45001 and Auditing
ISO 45001 Documentation – Documents And Records
AuditingISO 45001
Audit Types
Auditing the Health and Safety Management System Processes
Accreditation, & Certification
Benefits of Accreditation
People In The Audits And Responsibilities
Auditor Characteristics
Audit Process Exercise
Audit Objectives and Audit Scopes
Audit Duration
Auditor Selection and Audit Team Formation
Stage 1 Audit
Auditing Customer & Other
Auditing Outsourced
Opening Meeting
Stage 2 Audit
Nonconformity Identification
Audit Reviews
Closing Meeting
Nonconformity Recording and Reporting
Audit Reporting
Follow Up Audits and Corrective Actions
Once you have successfully completed all of the modules, you must pass a final exam to receive full credit for the course. The exam shall be on 5th day of 02 hrs will test your knowledge on information covered throughout the course. You must make a score of at least 70% to pass this course.