Climate change will kill 500, 00 adults by 2050

If the global emissions continue as it is then it would hit ‘public health’ of middle income and low income countries and worst hit would be China followed by India. As per a latest computer modelling study published in The Lancet (March 2), India will witness 1.36 lakh deaths by 2050 attributable to agriculturally mediated […]

Study explores which jobs have a high percentage of sleep-deprived workers

 Photo: sturti/iStockphoto Washington – Are you getting enough sleep before you show up for work? For employees in a number of industry sectors, including health care, food service and transportation, the answer frequently is “no.” The latest evidence of a sleepy – and potentially unsafe – workforce comes from a NIOSH study that looked at […]

NIOSH updates hazard assessment software for miners

  Photo: RYERSONCLARK/iStockphoto Washington – Mine operators and workers now have access to updated hazard assessment software from NIOSH. According to the agency, EVADE 2.0 – short for Enhanced Video Analysis of Dust Exposures – offers a more comprehensive assessment of the hazards miners face by pulling together video footage and exposure data on dust, […]